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Ukraine - Free Internet for Kindle 3G

I hope this article will be the last in the involuntary "cycle" on Kindle 3 and Amazon.
First and second

Today came a new device, which I took replacing the broken one. New took already with 3G.
Once again, the UPS delivery service impressed us - on the night of Saturday a message arrived about sending the parcel, and on Monday morning the box was already brought home.

Actually the note itself is extremely laconic - after switching on the device immediately got access to the Internet. Silently. No site restrictions.
The speed is subjectively the same as on Wi-Fi. Those. as fast as the device can handle. This is Kiev.
UPD. Officially, free 3G is only available in Ukraine, if it were not for one “but” - Amazon, among other things, provides free 3G for its users in roaming. In fact, this allows you to use the same free 3G in Russia as well, anyhow only Kindle was registered anywhere in the States (or, perhaps, in Ukraine).
Thanks to the habrasoobshchestvo for the amendments.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106673/

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