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“Community Pages” on Facebook - SMM's nightmare

Facebook "community pages" create a big problem for administrators of official facebook pages, sometimes reducing the audience tenfold against their will. They were introduced back in April, but I haven’t met any Russian-language texts about this problem in all the six months, so I wrote my own.
Update: Facebook comments provide valuable guidance in the comments.

What are community pages and why were they entered? As you know, on Facebook, besides personal accounts and groups, there are “pages” (for celebrities, companies and the like). At some point, these pages are linked to user profiles: if someone writes in the Madonna's interest list, that word in his profile becomes a link to the Madonna’s official Facebook page, and he begins to see updates on this page in his news feed. However, it was not clear what to do with interests like “pancakes with condensed milk”, which for obvious reasons do not have official pages. Automatically created Community Pages are designed to solve this problem: it was assumed that each of these pages instead of one official administrator will be edited by all users on a wiki principle, and they will become a place for sharing knowledge on the topic. However, the reality at the moment is very far from the idea and not only does not solve the problem, but also creates another.

What is the community page now? Automatically pulled up from Wikipedia information on the topic, the tape of the latest Facebook posts mentioning the topic and ... and that's it. Users can not change anything on the page at all - you can only subscribe to notify when it will be possible to change something, but the offer to subscribe has been hanging for months and nothing happens. That is, it is unlikely that these pages are helping someone with something now, everything can be slayed on Facebook without Wikipedia (and since English is used on Wikipedia, then half of the pages devoted to Russian phenomena do not even contain information from it.)

What is the harm from community pages? The fact that they interfere with official flourish. For example, there are two pages dedicated to the Spleen group: the official one (perhaps created by a fan, but in this case it doesn’t matter) and the community page . Apparently, initially it turned out that the community page has more people who have marked it with a “I like” button. Therefore, now when the user enters the interests of “Splin”, the word becomes a reference to it. And from this "zaykavshih" it becomes even more. What this leads to in the end: the official page of the 215 “zaykavshih”, at the community page - 8843. And now the updates of the official page of the group “Splin” see in their tapes two hundred people - and could have nine thousand. And there are nine thousand people who would really be interested in these updates - and they miss them only for the reason that they don’t know about them at all. And there is little chance of finding out from them: if they try to enter “Spleen” in the search, then the community page will also fall first, and hardly any of them will understand that the second line of results is much more important for him. Facebook, seemingly helping the stars and fans to maintain a direct connection, actually separates them in some cases.

This could not be so bad if users could edit the community pages - you could write a large link at the very beginning of the link to the official page. But now it is impossible to do more than this - you cannot even see the full list of the community page that you’d like to send if you want to send them a personal message.

What to do with it? Honestly, I do not know. It is clear that you can put a link to the "correct" page on the official site and generally blow everything about it, but this will solve the problem only partially. English-language articles and technical support forums for Facebook also do not give an answer - however, they make it clear that the problem has affected many, so it may be possible to take Facebook by quantity and make it at least change something. If someone has ideas on what can be done right now, he would be very happy to read them in the comments.

English text on the same issue: “Facebook Hates Your Brand” .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106670/

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