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Microsoft Technology Day for students

Microsoft and MSU. Lomonosov invites all students, IT enthusiasts and all those who are passionate about information technology to take part in the unique Microsoft online event “Microsoft Technology Day for Students”, during which the head of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer , will speak .

Wherever you are - at home, at work or at an internet cafe, by connecting to our broadcast, you can plunge into the wonderful world of science, hear a series of fascinating lectures on the present and future of information technologies and their application in the educational process. Microsoft experts will introduce students to the most modern solutions that can be used in school, work, research and everyday life.

In the program of the event

1. A fascinating lecture by Steve Ballmer on the future of information technology;
2. Demonstrations of the latest technologies for modern life, for learning, as well as for scientific research - Kinect, PhotoSynth, Deep Zoom, Windows Phone 7 and much more;
3. Useful advice from HR specialists in building a successful career in the field of IT;
4. The story c demonstrations about how and what to learn the modern programmer;
5. Teleconference with Microsoft innovation centers in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Perm;
6. Important announcements, answers to questions, prize draws and much more!

Attention! Competition!

Everything is very simple! Send an interesting Microsoft question and get into the number of VIP guests at a lecture by Steve Ballmer at MSU or win a stylish DreamSpark T-shirt. Details of the action on the event website .
Additional information about the event is available at www.student-day.ru .

TeachVideo is the official information partner of the event.

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