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Spam is our everything!

Stop spamming As recently as a couple of days ago, a discussion on spam was launched in Habré in the comments. Some expressed the opinion that spam is “Penis enlargement pills” and Be with Vi'ag'ra ", others said that" this is the mail we did not ask for ", others -" Spam is non-targeted mailing. " He offered a newsletter, and the opinions of people spun mainly around the concept of spam in e-mail.

Let's try to go beyond e-mail and think about what is spam and does it have other manifestations in our life?

Someone thinks that spam is all unsolicited information, including communication with strangers, a radio transmission that is accidentally heard in a nearby car, and even an entry on a check, not to mention outdoor, printed, television, radio and other advertising.

Some associate spam exclusively with electronic communication. Although more and more people see physical spam in the silhouettes of advertising constructions, this causes subconscious rejection and resistance. Even in our country, society protests against the chaotically placed urban advertising structures.
Advertising constructions installed without taking into account the general appearance of the city, of course, spoil it. Somewhere in LJ there were photos of old Moscow, without tents, merchants, advertising, etc. Look nice! Now everything is not so, but nevertheless, the advertising platforms of News Outdoor at stops, for example, look nice.

In my opinion, this is more pollution than spam. Spam is leaflets in the mailbox (direct marketing), calls to home, walls (guerrilla marketing), e-mail, im-messages, comments on websites, messages on forums (elements of internet marketing). A characteristic feature of spam is probably the fact that it somehow touches your personal space. Your mail, your messenger, your website. Secondly, spamming brings me losses: I have to spend time raking away leaflets from the box, talking on the phone, viewing messages, especially when there are 1-2 necessary letters among the 1000 letters that came in from yesterday evening. In addition, Internet advertising eats up traffic (if paid).

Outdoor advertising in this case is not spam. Neither advertising on TV, nor by radio, nor in the media. Because the principle - “Do not want - do not look (read, listen)”. I do not notice outdoor advertising, not the media itself, but the message. If the message is interesting, then I write down all the contact information at once. Otherwise, the message will be lost. By the way, in this way, I often find out information about mass and not only events. And now the question is, if not from an external source, then from where?

It is interesting to know what you mean by spam? I would like to see not a quote from Wikipedia, but a subjective opinion based solely on personal experience.

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