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All over 300: packages of toys from Alawar on the Rentsoft platform

I have already written briefly about our service to Popodiskika.ru — this is part of the RentSoft platform, a startup that we founded with colleagues.

So, now, after antivirus, we launched casual games by subscription - the “eat as much as you can” scheme, while the price is much more interesting than the traditional (non-subscription) version of games.

In general, the idea of ​​the service is as follows: for example, the user on the Internet finds the key to the antivirus and is happy. But after a week the key “goes rotten”, the user finds a new one, the “go rotten” again. Time from the fourth, the user begins to think about buying a license in order to just stop all this disgrace, but when he sees the cost of the annual key (usually more than 1000 rubles), he is frightened. Here we appear and offer him a subscription to the same antivirus from 49 rubles per month (and this is a micropayment), and the user understands: this is the lesser of the evils, besides, you can cancel the subscription at any time or spend money on another product. Money is written off gradually, as when you pay for the Internet or mobile phone. Conveniently!
Well, now we are talking about games. (Plus in the comments - we accept applications, what other software to make a "subscription".)


I think many have seen sales in the stores "All for 300" (the amount is conditional). Recently, we have arranged such a “sale” on our platform - we launched a subscription to the casual games of the company Alawar (www.alawar.ru), which are now presented in 6 categories. A subscription to any category of games costs 300 rubles per month. For comparison, if you buy Alawar games by the piece in the traditional way, via SMS, it will cost 170 rubles for 1 game, i.e. a subscription to a package of 50-90 games is cheaper than 2 separate games!

The categories are as follows:
  1. Begalki. Presented 56 games. You can run all month. And you can not run, because ...
  2. …Business. Presented 91 game. The hit of the section is “Farm Frenzy”, the second most popular time killer among female office workers. The first, you guessed it, is a solitaire kerchief, which is simply sewn into the brain of any secretary.
  3. Board Presented 82 games. “Poker”, “Mahjong” and even “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber. Military matter ”- while I haven’t played it myself, I can’t estimate it, but the name sounds patriotic.
  4. Search. Presented 102 games. One “Masyanya in full Africa” is worth something, and there are 101 more of them ...
  5. Shooters. 69 games submitted. Male section with a touch of nostalgia: many people played in “Tanchiki” in childhood.
  6. Balloons. 109 games submitted. Chase the Magic Bubbles.
And most importantly - you can subscribe to all games at once for 650 rubles per month.

“Why do I need so many games at once?” - you will ask and, most likely, you will be right, but ... according to statistics, the average play time in one casual game is 6 hours. That is, starting to play the second game in the traditional, “non-subscription” way (i.e., for 170 rubles), you are already overpaying compared to the terms of our subscription! Plus, every month there are 5-6 new games that you can play if you renew your subscription.

How to subscribe

  1. Choose your favorite category of games at http://popodpiske.ru .
  2. Register and replenish your personal account in the process - there are many ways to replenish.
  3. Follow the instructions of the service, as a result you get the key, download the game, enter the key into the program and play.

Our future plans

We have already launched our applications in social networks Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, My World. This made it possible to make a subscription available to those who "wipe" the keyboard in the social. networks, but does not know about other services. Now only antiviruses are presented in these applications, and games will appear soon.

Our software subscription platform also works through Internet access operators. For example, we are already represented in the personal accounts of subscribers of such providers as Zelk, Novgorod Datacom, Marino. No, and a few more dozens. Are there any subscribers who subscribe, for example, to an antivirus? How do you like the service? ..

As before, we will be happy if you tell friends and acquaintances about our service, and also go to it and subscribe, become our partner and start earning with us (not a Herbalife!), Or just give some constructive suggestions . All opinions are very valuable to us.

Write in the comments what other software you would like to see according to the subscription scheme. Please do not duplicate what others have already mentioned - it is better to add the corresponding comments, so it will be immediately obvious what is most in demand.


Jokes, but buying software on a subscription basis, you consume licensed software, and at the same time - for a small fee. And our mission is to make sure that the phrase “no to piracy” in Russia does not hit the wallet of a regular user.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106658/

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