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WiMAX 2.0 and LTE features were demonstrated at 4G World 2010

On October 19, in Chicago, we presented to the public prototypes of working systems based on WiMAX 2.0 and LTE technologies.

During the demonstration of a prototype system equipped with a WiMAX 2.0 module, 16 videos in Full HD (1920x1080) were simultaneously reproduced on four large displays, as well as stereo videos in Full HD quality. The maximum data transfer rate achieved during the demonstration was 330 Mbit / s, which was already written on Habré earlier.

If what has been written above says little to you, then imagine that using WiMAX 2.0, subscribers will be able to download a full-length movie (1.5 GB) in 36 seconds.
Mobile WiMAX 2.0 (802.16m) provides full backward compatibility with Mobile WiMAX 1.0 (802.16e) solutions. Due to this, existing Mobile WiMAX operators can switch to the technology of a new generation without special expenses, simply by updating a part of the modules on the motherboards and software of their base stations. The current Mobile WiMAX 1.0 subscriber devices are also fully compatible with base stations that will be developed in the future.

Mobile WiMAX and LTE have many common technologies among themselves, such as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA), Smart Antenna, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), and others. Some of the patents for these technologies belong to our company.

Also, the WiMAX 2 Collaboration Initiative initiative group, under the leadership of the WiMAX Forum industry organization, promises that the IEEE Institute of Electronics and Radio Engineers will prepare 802.16m specifications in November.

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