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No need to start a startup, start a business

The startup sounds cool. Often, startups pay a lot of attention, especially in the technology world.
Startup is a magical place where expenses are problems. This is the place where this strange word “income” is not considered important. This is a place where you can spend other people's money until you yourself figure out how your startup can make a profit. This is a place where the law and physics of business have no place to be.
The problem is that everything is a fairy tale. The truth is that every business, new or old, is governed by the same set of market forces and economic rules, income and expenses. Start earning or lose everything.

“Startups” often ignore reality. They are moving people who are trying to postpone the time when you need to think about business growth, income, etc.
Anyone who says “we’ll figure out a way to make money” is not serious about your business. It's about how to build a rocket, saying, "let's imagine that attraction does not exist."

Any business that has no profit or no understanding of monetization is a hobby.

Do not use the idea of ​​a startup as a basis for starting any business. Better to just start a business.
A real business must deal with such realities as expenses and incomes from the very beginning. This business is thinking about income from day one. This business does not hide problems, saying: “Everything is OK, we are a startup.”
Act like a real business and you will have a much better chance of success.

PS Some thoughts are taken from the book REWORK

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106652/

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