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Back to the Mac

What a wonderful day! After all, we have two fighters on the field , who live a blog and publish photos. The excitement spreads in the air with a light jazz melody, as well as a theme from the game Peanut. The rest sit at home, fingers crossed in anticipation of the event.

The event began with Steve Jobs, who said from the stage that he has some funny things that he is ready to share with the audience. And, since, in his own words, the event takes place in a rather intimate setting, it is worthwhile to imagine the engineers who worked on the projects. Jobs hands the microphone to Tim Cook, one of the company's directors, who will provide some statistics. This part of the program is called "The State of the Mas".

So, he said that last year Macs brought 33% of Apple’s total revenues totaling $ 22 billion, which was a new record. He noted that if Mac were to be separated into a separate company, such an organization would have taken the 110th place in the Fortune list.

Cook noted that at the moment there are 600 thousand registered developers for Mac, moreover, this figure is growing by 30 thousand per month. As an example, he cited Valve, who created Steam. The same Autodesk with its AutoCAD `comes to Mas. MS Office 2011 works amazingly for him. ACSI recognizes Apple as the number one customer service provider. PC World and PC Magazine recognize Apple as the leader in desktops and laptops.
Apple's flagship store in New York was visited by 75 million people in the last quarter. 2.8 million of them bought poppies. For half, these MacBooks were the first.

After that, it was told about updates in old applications and the emergence of new ones: for example, iLife `11 is waiting for us such as iPhoto` 11, with simple slideshow creation, integration with Facebook and e-mail, as well as wide functionality in full screen mode. It was said about iMovie `11 and Garage Band` 11, in which, finally, they built in the “make masterpiece” button.

Apple decided to launch Mas on the iPnone path and therefore plan to support Mac developers using the App Store. New requirements for applications are posted here , but here are just a few quotes from the document at the link:

Applications mentioning the name of any other computer platform will be rejected;

Applications that encourage excessive consumption of alcohol or prohibited substances, or encourage minors to consume and smoke, will be rejected;

Applications that use the Russian Roulette theme will be rejected.

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