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Google Bets Accepted

Google’s actions are so unpredictable that it’s almost impossible to guess. This is exactly what specialists from the betting business need, who are willing to accept bets on anything. One of the rather reputable offices of Bodog.com has opened a line for future Google actions . Bets are accepted on which firm will become the next takeover target by the largest Internet giant. The coefficients reflect market expectations, so they are of interest to us.

Google’s most anticipated acquisition is Facebook (you can triple your bid if this happens). Other public candidates are Vibrant Media (5.5 / 1), Israeli search company Kontera Technologies (6.5 / 1), Associated Press (7/1), CNet Networks (7/1) and CondeNet (7 , 5/1), the world's largest hosting provider GoDaddy (8/1), the new generation web music service Pandora (8/1) and the Netflix web rental service for DVDs (9/1). In order for the bid to play, Google must complete the purchase by December 31, 2007.

By the way, Bodog accepts bets on other events in the IT industry. For example, how to change the stock price of Apple on June 29 - the day when the iPhone is planned to be released. Most likely, the rate will decrease by 0.01% -5% (ratio 1.5 / 1).

Rates up to $ 50 are accepted through the Moneybookers payment system.
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