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Microsoft Swit 2010 in Kiev

At the beginning of December (namely December 2-3), Microsoft Ukraine decided to launch a new series of seminars - Microsoft Swit 2010 . The program on the site promises to be interesting, the speakers seem to be good too. The only big and fat minus of this undertaking is paid participation.

The cost seems to be small, a little less than $ 100 (800 UAH, to be exact until 16.11, and then 960 UAH), but, firstly, before such seminars were held for free, and, secondly, it resembles an attempt to Something like Platform or ReMix but in Ukraine. I don’t understand two things a little: why did the workshop, which was designed to expand and improve the ecosystem around MS products, were paid for, given the absence of someone other than “local” stars in the speakers, such as on the same Platform. And the most important thing is the lack of specialists in the territory of Ukraine - the most people gathered for MS reports about the release of Windows Server 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, Windows 7 - as many as 300 people! But in reality a person under 100 usually gathers for such reports.

I doubt that most of our developers will be paid by their company to attend this, and it will be a pity if it fails, since all the seminars and webinars on which I had previously given a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, and for their conduct Many thanks to MS UA.

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