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Results of 2010 TopCoder Open

The main tournament of the year on TopCoder ( habraanons ) ended a week ago, and at Habré this major event has not yet been covered! This is strange and surprising, and I, a faithful adept of TopCoder, I hasten to correct this misunderstanding - especially since this year I had the opportunity to watch the finals live.


The most spectacular and emotionally intense competition of the tournament and this year did not disappoint the expectations of the audience. The repeated champion of the past years, Petr Mitrichev ( Petr ), surprised and a little shocked his fans, dropping out of the competition in the first semi-final with only one solved problem. The second favorite, TianCheng Lou (better known as ACRush ), confidently won his semifinal and led the entire final to the most systemic tests that his third task could not stand, throwing him to second place under the fucking "aah" of the audience.
The champion was Makoto Soejima ( rng_58 ), the third favorite.

Makoto Soejima

The third place was unexpectedly taken by Anton Mellit (Klinck), Ukraine.
Anton Mellit

The results of Algorithm Competition are discussed in more detail on SnarkNews and on the official blog of TCO'10 (with step-by-step reporting from the Arena).


The final round of marathons lasted 24 hours. I didn’t believe until the very end that the participants would endure this (I myself very hard endured the ten-hour time difference with Kiev), but the more optimistic observers were right - only one of the participants left the Arena. The task turned out to be not entirely successful - too unpredictable behavior of earthquakes left too little room for improvement of the solution algorithm, and the final results depended quite strongly on the specific set of tests on which the solutions were compared. The champion was Yoichi Iwata ( wata ), who this year was a double finalist - in Marathons and in Algorithm.

Yoichi iwata

The Marathon Competition rounds are discussed in more detail in the official blog . Neither Russians nor Ukrainians were in this final, apparently, therefore, SnarkNews limited itself to the list of participants .

Mod Dash

An unusual type of competition in which participants must correct errors and make improvements to existing software. It differs in that it requires both speed of action (in the finals one task was given only 10 minutes), and knowledge of a fairly wide range of technologies. The peculiarity of scoring for the three final rounds was that only the first person who scored points for the task received them correctly; the following correct accomplishments of the same task did not bring points to their authors, but took them from the leader. To be the fastest just had to :-)

The results of this competition overwhelmed all Ukrainians with patriotic pride, and all without exception - with gender delight: the Ukrainian champion (with a large margin from second place) became Margarita Skripachova ( Margarita )! The girls who successfully perform on TopCoder are extremely rare in general, and in my opinion TCO Champion is Margarita first :-)

Margarita Skripachova

Other competitions, sponsors and other

The results of other competitions for a casual observer are not so interesting. I will note only a few things:

Of the ten finalists of Studio Competition (graphic design), four are girls :-)

Of the 15 finalists of the Design Competition (software design), four Ukrainians and one Russian, but only three Chinese.

And in the Development Competition (software development) of the same 15 finalists, 9 Chinese and only one Ukrainian.

Notes on the finals are not complete without a couple of words about the sponsors of the tournament - NSA, Facebook, PayPal and Yandex. For many of the finalists, one of the reasons for striving so much in Las Vegas was the opportunity to pass an interview in one of the companies of their dreams - and since the people present at the finals are already uncommon in themselves, the interviewing process was much simpler for them. For those who were not interested, there was always the opportunity to just pull off a gift or two :-) And since T-shirts were and still are your favorite gift, at the end of the tournament you could see side-by-side finalists in T-shirts from Facebook and VKontakte (homework ;-) Yandex and Google (won a couple of months earlier in GCJ'10). However, holivarov was not noticed - too friendly atmosphere at the tournament itself.

Stories about TCO'10, photos from the finals, comics on the subject and the program of what happened can be explored in the tournament blog .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106626/

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