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Free schedule in numbers

We have already written that those who come to work with us, as one of the pleasant working conditions, get a “practically free schedule”. Why practically? Firstly, because all the same it is necessary to work out 40 hours a week (worktime is summed up by months), and secondly, because there are tasks that need to be solved in very specific terms. And if the second brings to the schedule of work of our employees more or less random fluctuations, then the first circumstance affects the schedule in a very definite way. Yes, by the way, all this applies only to developers. Employees of the Russian office (engaged in sales) have to adapt to their partners, and their schedule is not so flexible.

We analyzed the statistics of passes through the turnstiles installed on the first floor of our office (this is where the time of arrival and departure is recorded) - and this is what happened.

On average, an employee spends at work a little less than 8 hours a day. Why less? No, not because people work less, but because many people like (or do they have to? ..) come to work on weekends, when the office is quiet and you can safely deal with the tasks. This comes from 10% of HQ employees (developers) at the beginning of the month to 20% at the end. And only 4% of the employees of the Russian office (for some reason, the end of the month does not affect them). And they all come evenly throughout the day - someone early in the morning, someone closer to evening. If we throw off the statistics from the weekend, the average working day varies from about 8 hours at the beginning of the month to 8.5 at the end of the month.
And here is what the average weekday looks like (pictures are clickable).
So everyone comes to work:

And so everyone leaves her:

As you can see, if you do not want to work on weekends, but you need to distract you less, you must either come to work by 8 am, or leave it after 21 hours.

Unfortunately, this statistic does not reflect yet another freedom of our employees - the ability to work through a VPN. For the time being, those who work remotely simply agree with the authorities on the number of hours they will work out of the office, but soon the time to work through the VPN will be taken into account by the system of working time counting.

PS By the way, did you also notice that some people come to work at 1 am? Strangely enough, they leave after that only in the evening ... So we were surprised and already started an internal investigation , they thought that, probably, there was some kind of failure in the system.

UPD: Due to the fact that there are a lot of comments that it is wrong to evaluate work by the number of hours, I would like to note that they look at the statistics of working time only in the event of disputable situations. As long as the manager is satisfied with the work of his subordinates, talk about the fact that someone who works less than intended does not arise!

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