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Internet, startups, computers, magazines are popular topics for discussion today. Perceive innovations in our country are accustomed with caution and distrust. And to prove the consistency and profitability of your idea is a task that is much more complicated than just inventing it.

In my topic, I want to present you a draft online journal about computers that I am working on. On Habré, there have already been posts about our magazine “i” , so I think it would be correct to tell about such errors which were corrected, and wishes were taken into account. Details under the cut.

The development of the Internet is so fast that it is almost impossible to keep track of new ideas and opportunities. Technology "live gloss" appeared in 2006, thanks to the British company Ceros. Naturally, “live gloss” reached Russia only four years later. And now in Russia, iZine Publishing House presents three interactive online magazines about computers “i” , about fashion, style and beauty MANIERE de vivre and Degustate.me about restaurants and beauty.

What is “i” magazine and what should readers expect?

i - new generation computer magazine. The magazine is focused on a modern audience - active Internet users. You want to choose a device, a gadget, or a whole computer, but you don’t know which is better - you need us! There is no time to read reviews on ixbt.com, but you want to be informed, then you are with us along the way. We speak in simple words about the complex. Consumer cares little about the number of transistors in the chip of his GPU, but it is important to know whether the chosen video card is faster than the competitor, which is 500 rubles more expensive. Teaching the user to save, make a thoughtful and correct choice is our idea. Having made five issues, I was able to more fully appreciate the scale of the work done and its practical value. But first things first.

Let's start with the cover. It differs from previous covers primarily the lack of video. Yes, the live cover looks much more spectacular, but repeatedly I witnessed an absolutely opposite situation. The video, due to its large volume and low connection speed, takes too long to load, which can easily make the reader simply leave this site. This time we decided to abandon this idea using the usual jpeg.

Navigation is quite simple and, in my opinion, comfortable. From the main page you can get turns with tests of the Acer communicator, Asus Matrix 5870 video card, as well as a comparative test of TV tuners. In addition to serious iron headings, we also have entertainment turns. This was the IQ-test that was loved by many people from the past. This time the questions are harder, but the boobs are bigger. A fascinating story in the form of a comic book will tell users why we really need a LG watch phone.

The content has remained virtually unchanged since the very first issue, although this time the word of the editor has become a bit unusual. Yes, yes, we have a talking panda. Watch the video.

In the lower right corner on every page there appeared such a tab that allows you to subscribe to the magazine, as well as join us on Facebook , Facebook , LiveJournal and Twitter . A help button opens the panel with the main controls and navigation through the magazine.

The fact that "tomorrow" will already appear on the shelves of stores in your city, you can read today in the section Announcements. Announcements and news of computer innovations will help to keep abreast of all events from the world of IT. Already at this turn there are two frequently used tools for navigating through the magazine. First, these are the yellow arrows of the mouse, by clicking on which you can read the contents of the news.
The second is the red side navigation bar on the right. With it, you can move to our regular headings.

Electronic subscription is one of the integral tools of the magazine. Why and what will it give you? It's simple - once a month, you receive a notification about the release of a new number by mail. Completely free of charge you can take part in ongoing competitions. It was in this issue that we published the results of the subscriber contest, in which three lucky ones got HP laptops, and for those who didn’t have enough to win, we donated ADATA flash drives.

Test your erudition using the IQ test . If you are a real man, then the girl will understand this by your answers, and the reward will find her hero. By the way, compare the current test with the previous one :)

With the help of an excellent team of programmers, who have repeatedly proved their professional suitability, in the October issue we presented a completely new advertising product based on the Ceros platform. Product catalog right on the pages of the magazine, which can be flipped as well as the magazine. The catalog contains a wide range of products from a well-known Taiwanese brand: RAM, flash drives, ssd drives, external hard drives.

Well, those who browse the entire catalog are waiting for a well-deserved reward - the opportunity to download wallpaper with a beautiful girl for your destkop.

To speed up the loading speed of turns, we decided to take out comparative tests and versus tests on individual turns. So now our rubrics take up two or three pages instead of one.

And finally, we found the final version of the design of comparative tests. By clicking on the arrows left and right, you can visually appreciate the differences between the video cards.

Thanks to the watch-phone LG WatchPhone, our agent has successfully completed his mission. Perhaps we’ve overdone the comic book navigation, but I like it. By the way, did anyone recognize the agent ???

Well, according to tradition, the series ends with a number of reports: from the presentation of our publishing house, from the HP Program Worlds 2010 forum, from the global overclocking championship GOOC, where your humble servant was in the top five.

This is how our October issue turned out. Waiting for your comments, critics and suggestions.

And for those to whom this is not enough, we have prepared a video:

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