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Pirate Party wants to launch a torrent tracker into orbit


Only 4 years ago, The Pirate Bay announced that they wanted to buy a Sealand micro-state in order to place their website there and no longer worry about copyright - an ambitious plan that turned out to be unworkable. This week, pirate parties from all over the world have begun brainstorming on a new ambitious plan. Instead of creating their own country, now they want to launch a torrent tracker into orbit.

A few days ago, the mailing list became aware of a rather intriguing discussion that is currently being conducted in the international pirate party (WFP) . Apparently, the pirates have serious plans to share a torrent tracker in space.

WFP unites pirate parties from all over the world, which currently operate in almost 50 countries. In their mailing list they send interesting ideas, links and documents, and here, a few days ago, the idea of ​​extra-planetary file sharing was born.
Although it is no secret that Sci-Fi fans are quite common in the pirate community, but the idea is taken quite seriously by WFP members and not only by them. Forbes has already paid attention to their plans, the WFP members carefully weigh the pros and cons and look through all the options.

The idea is to take advantage of the restriction that laws only apply on the ground. Initially, a balloon was chosen as a ship, but it was soon suggested that the satellite be used as a longer-term solution. Crowdsourcing of platforms like Kickstarter will be used to finance the project.

When the discussion went down to a lower level, the participants were asked to start from the sea. It fits well with pirate themes and is also more accessible. Remote-controlled sail boat can perfectly serve as a hosting platform and can be sent outside the territorial waters.

Despite the lack of consensus (boat, balloon or satellite), the approach seems logically correct.

But will it work?

To implement this plan there are a number of obstacles. If you do not consider the money issue, it will still be very difficult to launch a website in space without reference to the laws of any country or company. In the end, the site needs an IP and domain.

It would be sad to have a torrent tracker in space that will be disconnected from the Internet by the first denunciation to the provider. Not to mention the problems with replacing a burned hard drive.

You can recall the famous Sci-Fi quote: "Everything is possible, but the chances are astronomically small."

And what's next?

The enthusiasm of Forbes and the enthusiasm of WFP members suggests that the debate about the ideal plan will continue. Time will tell whether it is a balloon, a ship or nothing.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106608/

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