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Foo teacher and experienced programmer

An experienced Unix programmer, aware of the wisdom of the Foo teacher, came to him for advice. Approaching the teacher and bowing three times, he said:

“Teacher Foo, I'm in deep sadness. In my youth, those who followed the Great Path of Unix used simple and natural applications, such as ed and mailx . Today they use vim and mutt . I'm afraid that tomorrow they will use KMail and Evolution , and Unix will be like Windows - it will be slowing down and overflowing with graphical interfaces. "

Teacher Foo said, “But what software do you use if you want to draw a poster?”
The programmer replied: “I ... I never did that. But I don’t have a shadow of doubt that I can use LaTeX or pic to cope with this task without a graphical interface, according to the Great Unix Path. ”

Then the teacher Foo said: "Who can cross the river: the one who dreams of a raft, or the one who tries to get to the nearest bridge by hitchhiking?"

Upon hearing this, the programmer achieved enlightenment.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106603/

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