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Idea friendly brainstorm

As part of Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg, on October 30, the Idea Friendly Brainstorm will be held.
Storm will be under the guidance of the masters of the generation of business ideas - Arkady Moreynis, Askar Tuganbaev and Dmitry Stepanov.

Sales managers, designers, interface engineers, marketers, managers, of course, developers and all those who do not find an interesting idea for themselves, to join her team, have the opportunity to come up (and learn how to think out correctly) right at Weekend and develop it together with the avant-garde Runet.

With the idea born on the brainstorming, you can have time to find a team and even a mentor. As, for example, it was with the project "Fifteen" (now it is, however, Geome) on the first "weekend".
Bonus! In the same place, we will conduct a startup lynch with the participation of experts , Alyona Vladimirskaya and Talanting will appreciate everyone for their talents, but for St. Petersburg lovers of the “Main Sofa” a pleasant surprise awaits.
Experts are waiting!

And if you have already come up with what you will be speaking at Startup Weekend, send your idea to idea@glavstart.ru (this is a prerequisite for participation with the idea).
And do not forget to register - we have a bureaucracy, all on the lists. :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106602/

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