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Styleboost: observing the aesthetics of site building

In January 2001, a man named Johan Bakken (Johan Bakken) created the project “Styleboost”, on whose pages he began to publish links to sites he considers beautiful. Perseverance and perseverance of Johan, who still continues to regularly update the site, led to the fact that now there are already 978 references in his collection that are worth following.

Here is this site about sites

Sites are evaluated according to aesthetic criteria, therefore, among the monitored resources may be corporate, and in general any. Links are provided with screenshots and small text explanations, which briefly explain why this link was published.
The author does not mind if you argue with him - the ability to leave comments is provided. But, before writing “Who are you ?!”, pay attention to Johann Bakken’s portfolio, located in the “about” section (yes, he himself is engaged in web design!).

And here is the link that you are tired of waiting, reading: Styleboost .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1066/

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