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Discount for participation in Highload ++

We noticed that on Habré are very fond of the events held by Ontiko. By the way, we have been cooperating with this team for a long time. You can enjoy the result of our friendship: REG.RU provides a 10% discount for attending the Highload ++ conference and the Professionals Club workshops for their clients .

Recall that Highload ++, the annual professional conference of developers of high-loaded systems, will take place very soon - on October 25 and 26. The conference will discuss all aspects of the development and support of high-load systems: design, algorithms, development, testing, architecture, databases, support, system administration, hosting, management. This year, Highload ++ will feature such gurus as well-known low-level hacker Joe Damato, director of engineering at Facebook, Robert Johnson, as well as our notorious compatriots: Igor Sysoev, Alexey Rybak, Vladimir Gabrielyan, Andrey Shetuhin and others.

We invite all customers, friends and partners of REG.RU to take advantage of an exclusive discount!


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