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HgAssist - program for notification of forgotten push'ah

HgAssist - repositories are synced!

Using the Mercurial code management system, we often encountered the fact that we forgot to push after commits were made to the local repository.

When there are several pieces of different repositories, it is really difficult to remember about their synchronization and you can easily leave the central repository without our changes.
Therefore, we wrote HgAssist.

This is a simple program for Windows that sits in the tray and periodically reminds you of how many and in which repositories there are changes that are pending synchronization. In addition, HgAssist will report new incoming changes from the central repository.


The configuration is available from the context menu after starting the program.

A brief description of the settings:


You can add an unlimited number of repositories that HgAssist will monitor.

The program interface is currently available only in English. The program is free. All source codes lie on bitbucket .

Now your repositories and repositories of your colleagues will always be up to date!

Download the archive with the program: HgAssist-1.0.1.zip (~ 200 Kb)

Just in case, the mirror on the dropbox: HgAssist-1.0.1.zip

The program requires .NET 4.0.


The goal of the project is to gain programming skills under .NET / C # and work with NUnit.
The program now has a number of shortcomings and flaws - we will be happy to hear criticism and suggestions. We consider the current build simply as a proof-of-concept for the idea itself.


v.1.0.1: Fixed a bug for opening directories with repositories that contain the symbol "=" in their names (http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/development_tools/106576/#comment_3352890)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106576/

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