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Kindle Games

Looks like more games for Amazon Kindle. The first to come out in August were two puzzles from Amazon itself: Every Word and Shuffled Row . Soon followed by Solitaire and Scrabble from Electronic Arts. And now, finally, the addition of the family: Triple Town , the first game for Kindle from an independent developer (Spry Fox).

This is a simple casual game like Bejeweled, where you need to swap pictures and build them in three in a row. Each successful combination adds elements of a big city, such as castles and churches, due to which points are gained. In addition, in the game itself, the enemy figures prevent the build combinations.

Of course, the game is nothing special , but for the Kindle this is a momentous event. Independent developers finally turned their attention to the Kindle SDK . Maybe they can even earn something for 2+ million users of this device.
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