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Testers, want to know how to positively influence programmers?

Recently, in the comments, the legend about the Black Team , told by Tom DeMarko in her book “The Human Factor”, caught my eye once again. The book is wonderful, and the legend is stupid. One would like to wish that DeMarko had to work with such testers all his life!

The time has long passed when testing was hard labor, where unwanted or careless developers referred. The time of peaceful mutually beneficial coexistence has come. But some programmers, having read the book of a clever uncle, begin to be afraid of evil testers. And the well-read managers, and even worse, are beginning (oh, horror!) To cultivate and implement.

In order to somehow compensate for this negative, I decided to publish several excerpts from the articles of Michael Bolton, which advocate exactly the opposite style of relationships with teammates. Today is the first passage.
So, you want to know how to influence programmers in a positive way ?

Continued here: Testers, want to know how to influence managers in a positive way?

about the author

Michael Bolton is one of the most active evangelists of the context-oriented testing school. He has over 20 years experience in testing. Michael regularly speaks at conferences, conducts trainings and seminars, has been a regular columnist for one of the most popular testing magazines in the field of testing Better Software since 2005 and has a wonderful testing blog www.developsense.com/blog.shtml

On November 17-18, Michael Bolton will hold in St. Petersburg a two-day training "Rapid Software Testing", developed by him in collaboration with James Bach. Details here: habrahabr.ru/blogs/testing/105133

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