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Yandex Disk Virtual Disk

Sometimes you need to quickly copy a few photos from your album on the Yandex.Foto service, of course, there is a special program, but it is not always possible to install it on someone else’s computer. I have developed a small service that can greatly simplify this process. By typing in the windows command net use y: http: // <address> / <login> / , where <address> is "wd.sharecoder.com/yf/", and <login> is your login on Yandex. Photos (password is not needed), you connect a network drive, folders on which are albums (only those that are accessible to everyone), and files are photos on the Yandex.Fotki service. Now you can copy them as normal files to your favorite file manager. Details (and pictures) under the cut.

Yandex.Disk virtual disk looks and works like a regular disk, all albums and photos on this disk are presented in the form of folders and files.

To connect the drive does not require additional software, you connect it to Windows as a regular network drive.

You can connect the virtual disk of any user of the Yandex. Photo service, of course, only in read mode.
For example, in order to connect such a drive in Windows 7, you need to go to the Computer folder and click the Connect Network Drive button to enter the address wd.sharecoder.com/yf/login/


An example of an open album folder:


Unfortunately, the Yandex.Foto API does not provide the size of the photo's original file, therefore, to speed up the service, in viewing mode, the size of all photos is one byte.

This service is provided free of charge without any guarantees. The service is currently tested on Windows 7, Windows XP operating systems.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106564/

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