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Apple - new products

Apple unveiled new versions of iLife software, Mac OS X and the new MacBook Air today at the Back To The Mac conference. A little about what was at the conference (traffic)

Maca's share in the US is now 20.7%

A couple of words said that they started porting games to Mac, and that, to the joy of Apple, for Mac now they release Autocad again.
Many words have been said that the number of Mac users is constantly growing, but it is important to look not at the numbers, but at the products.

A new version of the package iLife - iLife'11


IPhoto added full-screen viewing mode, integration with Facebook, new beautiful slideshow modes (some of them are almost video clips), a new selection of books for printing, postcards. Increased application performance. Improved integration with maps, the slide show can now beautifully show the places where the photos were taken.

You can now select several photos and send them by mail as a postcard (there are several templates to choose from).

Integration with social networks has been done - a list is now displayed in a separate panel - you sent a photo to facebook / twitter, etc.

Photos can be beautifully organized into albums; all projects for organizing photos are beautifully displayed by analogy with the iBook application for iPhone / iPad. As before - created albums can be printed. Postcards can now also be sent to print.


In iMovie added the ability to edit audio, search for people marked in the video, the ability to make trailers.

The sound level in Video can now be adjusted. For sound, a graph is displayed.

For audio processing added various audio effects.

Also added are the so-called “one click effects” - effects that can be applied to a selected video fragment in 1 click, for example, slowing down a fragment, or making a flash at a certain place.

The trailer creation mode allows you to create trailers from templates - enter “captions”, add a studio logo. For the trailer creation mode, the London symphony orchestra specially recorded sound effects.

The mode allows you to select a fragment of a video for a specific template markup and assign it to a template scene. As a result, you will get a video trailer already mounted from your frames. The result, demonstrated from the big screen, is impressive. Included are several ready-made templates for trailers of different genres.


In the new GarageBand added new guitar effects and "kombik."

Added new audio editing features - you can adjust the rhythm of the drums and the rhythm of the guitar (and other instruments) - this feature is called Groove Matching

The new Flex Time feature allows you to "smartly" increase or decrease the time of the audio fragment

Instrument lessons have been improved - piano lessons are shown step by step - where to press, as well as notes.

GarageBand shows you in real time how well you play the lesson.

GarageBand also keeps a history of your classes and shows you how your skills improved.

iLife : will cost 49 dollars. On sale today. With the new "Poppies" will traditionally be delivered free of charge.


The FaceTime video feature introduced in June on the iPhone 4, and later on the iPod Touch 4G, now has 19 million users.

Now you can use FaceTime from a Mac. There is a full screen mode. Looks like Apple has released a rival Skype on the Mac platform. With a Mac, you can call someone on the iPhone, and back. The application automatically receives information from the interlocutor’s device if it has turned the phone to a horizontal position.

FaceTime for Mac will be available today on the Apple website.

Mac os x lion

Over the past decade, there have been 7 major releases of Mac OS. Today is the 8th version of Mac OS X - Mac OS Lion.

Philosophy - in the image of Mac OS, iOS was created for the iPhone, then the iPad appeared, and now the iPad has to meet with the Mac - therefore the name of the conference is Back to Mac.

Some ideas from mobile devices are now moving to Mac.

Apple is opening the Mac App Store.
It looks very similar to the App Store for iOS. The principles are the same - download in 1 click, update in 1 click. All by analogy. Programs from iLife are available in the App Store for Mac. Installation is simple - just transfer the application from the App Store to the Dock and it is installed.

Programs are now organized in LaunchPad - an analogue of several screens in iOS. You can also, by analogy with iOS, organize applications into folders by dragging and dropping.

New feature - Full Screen Mode for applications, for example, to read PDF, you can open the full-screen mode ... To switch between applications, it is not necessary to exit full-screen mode.

Dashboard, Expose, Spaces are organized into one feature called Mission Controll. It allows you to conveniently switch between application windows.

Release Mac OS Lion - Summer 2011. Announced more than half a year.

Mac App Store promise for 90 days for Snow Leopard. Developers already have access to some information on the Mac App Store on the Apple website.

Macbook air

A mix of MacBook and iPad - the new MacBook Air.

Thickness - 1.7 cm, in the thinnest place 0.3 cm. Thin, small. Weight - 1.06 kg

Body - one-piece aluminum construction
13.3 inches screen, resolution 1440x900 pixels, Core 2 Duo in the heart, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card, full-size keyboard, multi-touch, FaceTime camera.

No CD / DVD drive. No hard drive. Inside - Flash-memory - instant access, 2 times faster than a hard disk, 90% thinner and lighter.

Battery: 7 hours of surfing the Internet by air, 30 days standby.

The insides.

The younger brother is the 11-inch MacBook Air.
The screen is 11.6 inches, 1366x768 pixels. Core 2 Duo inside, video card - like the older brother - NVIDIA GeForce 320M.

The differences in the battery - 2 hours less work when surfing the Internet (such a measure from Apple). Waiting time is the same - 30 days.


Home sales today. Specifications on the Apple site.

These are the updates from Apple.

PS lasthero kindly suggested a link to FaceTime for Mac: www.apple.com/mac/facetime

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