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London Stock set European Transaction Speed ​​Record

After switching to Linux, the London Stock Exchange, during the very first tests, set a new European record in transaction speed (latency).

The new trading platform MillenniumIT (Linux, Sun Solaris Unix, Oracle DB) reduced the average transaction processing delay to 126 microseconds, while the figure is much higher for the main European competitors LSE. For example, on the BATS Europe and Chi-X exchanges, it is 250 and 175 μs, respectively. Other exchanges reach 300 or 400 μs.

Previously, when the system worked under Microsoft .Net, the London Stock Exchange was constantly criticized for its low speed and reliability, and the delay in transactions reached hundreds of microseconds. However, this did not prevent Microsoft from advertising for constantly identifying LSE as a client that uses the .Net platform for "critical financial applications."

Now, with an average delay of 126 µs, 99% of transactions fall into 210 µs, and 99.9% - in 400 µs.
True, there is no need to talk about the LSE world record, because the NYSE figures for speed are higher: an average delay of 98 µs, 99% of transactions - 144 µs, 99.9% of transactions - 298 µs. And the world record belongs to the Singapore Exchange (less than 90 microseconds).

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106541/

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