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Where do Monsters come from?

Recently, many people, when they come to our office or for the first time watching our cartoons, say almost the same phrase: “Well, you and the greats! Well, the monsters, and where such monsters come from? ”
Today we will talk about monsters.

What specific? Yes, about different.
For example, recently, many people, when they come to our office or watch our cartoons for the first time, say almost the same phrase: “Well, you and the good guys! Well, the monsters, and where such monsters come from? ”

And indeed, where in Moldova will they come from, if there is practically no place to study in this direction? .. Is it possible to go only beyond the hill
or yourself in your free time to read the lessons on the Internet.
So we decided to correct the situation a little and open the School of Computer Graphics and Animation.

What exactly are we going to learn there?

Well, if in a nutshell, then - Make cartoons !!!
And if it is more detailed, then we plan 9 courses: 3 basic and 6 advanced.

The main objective of this course is to provide the student with a basic knowledge of computer graphics, we will study Autodesk Maya.

This course is designed specifically for those who can and likes to draw on paper, but does not know the computer. We will introduce you to the program Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to make videos yourself, then it is on this course that we will teach you how to do this in the Adobe After Effects program.

In this course, you will receive all the necessary knowledge to animate characters and objects of any level of complexity ...

In this course, we will teach you to create models of any complexity and orientation, from bolts and nuts to complex characters and entire landscapes.

The main goal of the course is to introduce the work in Maya and Mental Ray packages, to teach how to make photorealistic images and videos,
as well as properly adjust the scene for quick rendering.

The main goal of the course is to teach a student to make the most spectacular part of 3D graphics. We will show you how walls collapse, explosions are made, fabric is simulated, oceans are created.

The course of professional compositing differs from the basic one not only in that we teach new more in-depth knowledge in the field of
of the subject. But also by the fact that on it you will meet and learn the new Digital Fusion package.

The purpose of this course is to train a student to create characters, develop landscapes, work on a storyboard.
Character, emotions and history - all this should be taken into account when developing your character.

I will tell you in confidence that by opening this school, we also pursue other goals.
You know that for the production of such a large-scale project as a full meter you just need a lot of people.
So we want to give our best students the opportunity to realize themselves in the work on the “Gypsy”.
Why not, after all, talented people on the Moldavian land are still alive !!!

Our teachers:

Of course, we are well aware that we will not be able to “grow” all 70 - 80 people in our school. Therefore, we plan to attract employees from neighboring countries who will be able to work as
freelance and on an ongoing basis.
Monsters who are interested can send their resume to the box

In the subject letter, be sure to indicate your position (and in the text do not forget to include links to your portfolio and is there an opportunity
arrive at the time of the project in Moldova, we will wait for you).

So what does it take to become a Monster?

Very simple, you need:

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