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How to present your gaming application to investors?

Hi, habrudruzya!
We have already held 44 (Dada!) Events throughout Russia. All of them were focused on two things - providing a platform for investors and startups to communicate, as well as providing expertise for presenting projects. For a long time we were recommended to hold a thematic event. We listened to your opinion. And we are holding the 22nd Point on the topic of gaming and social networking applications. If you want to participate with the project presentation, submit an application on our website on the right. And we will consider your application. image

The point will be held on October 28 at the ACGI conference, where the leaders of the largest companies will gather to discuss the problems of social networks and the online gaming sector, as well as the development of this segment of the gaming industry in Russia. Entrance to the conference itself is paid and is 150 euros. But for the present, it will be free.
We managed to gather experts who can evaluate the project in detail, as well as invest in it. After all, they are engaged in games.

Here is a list of them:
Akshin Dzhangirov - Creara Founder
Alexey Kostarev - Co-founder and General Producer of i-Jet Media
Alisa Chumachenko - Founder and President of Game Insight
Andrey Fadeev - Founder and CEO of ProgreStar
Vsevolod Leonov - Vice-President for International Business Development Mail.Ru
Dmitry Arkhipov - Vice President Akella
Konstantin Popov - General Director, Biart Studio
Marian Hartel - CEO, H & H Games Consulting GmbH
Sergey Orlovsky - President of the Nival Group
Frank Holtz - CEO of IEM Consulting

In the program of presentation of projects in the traditional format of two-minute presentations - Elevator Pitch. Waiting for you.
Read more about the event .

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