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Substitution with taste Mail.Ru

One day, a user of one of our products addressed us with a complaint that our product allegedly installed the toolbar Sputnik @ Mail, Ru, without permission. It turned out that the distribution was not downloaded from the official site, but from the SoftPortal.Com catalog (in the top ten of soft directories according to Yandex, by the way).

What was our surprise when we discovered that both our product and the popular Firefox and Opera browsers from this site were downloaded as exe-schniki with a satellite icon and about 3 MB in size more than necessary.

Upon launching without any issues, GuardMailRu is immediately installed in the system (a program that assigns Mail.Ru to the home page in all browsers and blocks its modification). It is already possible to refuse installation of a toolbar.

It is clear that to bring to justice the guys from SoftPortal completely dead number.
The question here is how Mail.Ru relates to such matters, whether they authorized such use of their products.

UPD: Comrade ingenuus suggests that FreeSoft.Ru is sinful the same

PS I'm not from Opera-Software, Opera is taken just for example :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106536/

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