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... build my Google Reader, open and ...

Almost since launch, many have rightly loved and appreciated Google Reader. He is really good, and over the years it only gets better. True, quite slowly. And not everything that I would like to see in it is added by the developers. For example, someone does not want to see mention of Microsoft or FAS. Or you want to see the favicon site. Or tired of clicking "update" to see records appeared from the last update. Or someone dreams of more convenient management from the keyboard. Now it has become more real!
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I present to you my small project: Open Google Reader . It uses the older brother's API and works at the same address. He is slender, smart, and ready to fulfill all your desires.

This is user javascript (although some call such greasemonkey scripts). It replaces the native Google Reader interface with its own, but leaves it easy to switch back. It is quite simple to customize to fit your needs, although you will have to do this in code. Yes, this is a relatively geek tool, and you need to edit the script file to configure it.

Potentially unpleasant features

Option for Opera users. How to install it, they probably already know. I do not recommend anyone to know the UJS script manager .
Option for users of Firefox / Chrome.

I will answer your questions with pleasure in the comments.

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