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Three troubles of modern task managers

Yesterday, while discussing the project, I formulated three evils of modern tasks management applications. I invite them to discuss.

1. The inability to transfer (delegate and track) the task to an arbitrary executor

I have Things - the most awesome personal task manager that you can buy today. My girlfriend has things. My brother has Things. My colleagues have Things. See, we all have the same system? But none of us have the opportunity to create a task in the project and transfer it to someone else. We do this in some other way (telephone, email, whatever).

Such a shoal is deprived of online tools, such as Basecamp. But we all have to be registered in the same system, because between Basecamp can’t communicate with, say, Megaplan or Teamer. I think that no system can do this. Unless, expensive tools of type Dzhira dopilenny especially for this purpose.

2. Complexity and imposed methodology

Every task management tool that I met tried to fulfill the role of a project tracker or even a means for project planning. In addition, almost all of them imposed their vision of the correct process of managing tasks and projects.

And I just need to have one place in which all the things I need to do are in place. I want to organize it on my own. So, as it is convenient to me, and not the developer of the system.

The only fixed thing that should be - a folder (or something of this kind) called "Inbox", where all the tasks I have not watched go. And then, this is my personal opinion, which should not be suitable for all.

3. Price

The most common payment scheme I have is for 1 user per unit of time. For example, 14 bucks per user per month, 300 euros per user per year. Even for desktop applications. Less common are schemes that limit the number of users, projects, or landmarks (milestone).

I do not argue, since such schemes live and someone pays this money, it means the way it should be. But because of this version “without any restrictions at all” costs some completely unreal money.

3.1. Free systems

Very few free and free systems. There seem to be no fit among them. At least I could not find one.

Interesting quote

I met a quote in one of the fresh posts here, which I want to quote.

... you need a fast and easy task management system that doesn’t require you to be thorough in describing a new task. You must open it and close it within 30 seconds to unload the thought, without being distracted from the current task. You can come back to her later.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106524/

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