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Security Updates for Mozilla Products

Mozilla has released updates for the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird email client, covering a number of critical vulnerabilities in these open source programs. The most recent update for Firefox closes 9 vulnerabilities , 5 of which are marked as critical.
Critical updates fix an incorrect library that opens vulnerabilities, closes a number of gaps that can cause buffer overflow and memory corruption, as well as the attacker execute arbitrary code. The new version of the browser received the number 3.6.11. Also, the Mozilla development team has released an update for the 3.5 branch, which is still popular, covering the same vulnerabilities.


Mozilla has not forgotten about the users of the Internet combine SeaMonkey. In addition to eliminating the same vulnerabilities, the developers have made several fixes regarding stability. True, the build still has beta status, but within a short time (a day or two) it will be transferred to a stable status.


Since all vulnerabilities lie in the Gecko rendering engine, Mozilla has released patches for Thunderbird 3.0 and 3.1. In version 3.1, they carried out a number of cosmetic improvements. Also, Thunderbird users need to note that version 3.0.9 becomes the second last in branch 3.0, after which users will be asked to upgrade to version 3.1.


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