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For lovers to read - Laputa on Android

Lovers to read on your mobile phone is always enough. I have a friend who, on a Nokia 3100 with a screen resolution of 128x128 pixels and a diagonal no larger than the diameter of the hair, read more books than I have in my whole life.

Today, things are much better, now it’s not necessary to force your eyes. On the 3.5-4.3 "screen, it is quite comfortable to read, especially with short" rushes "(in the subway, in line for milk coupons ...) And the high resolution screens of modern smartphones also make reading visually pleasing, because you can choose a beautiful Font. Also, there is no need to download or convert books to java, there are a lot of convenient and functional readers today, and they cope with popular popular formats (epub, fb2, txt). On Android there is a good app Laputa, which we will talk about.

Immediately make a reservation, the reader understands only one format - epub. This is the most common format of "they", we are only gaining momentum. Although today in the epub you can download almost any book in Russian. The best sites with books in this format:

If there is no necessary book, you can convert it from any other format. There is a free program " Caliber " that will turn lit, pdf, mobi, rtf, txt, html, fb2, prc **, odt, cbr and cbz into epub.

Let's go back to Laputa. The first thing I liked about it was design and animation. Also glad that the application is updated, which means they are working on it.

Clicking on the program icon in the smartphone menu will take you to the shelf with the loaded books.

It looks beautiful. If the book has a cover - it is displayed, if not (when converting from txt, if you have not added it yourself) - the standard version will be displayed. The screenshot above shows how it looks. Tapnuv on the book, it will open. If you have already begun to read it, you will get to the place where you finished reading.

Scroll pages can be a volume rocker, and horizontal scrolling. Pages are turned over very beautifully, as in this book.

With that, for what edge pull, from that page and leafs. On the back of the test is visible, as if the paper is very thin. Effectively, though no good. The animation is smooth and fast, at least on my Milestone.

If you press the "Menu" while reading, you can quickly go to the "Night mode". Yesterday I checked whether it is needed - yes, my eyes adapt better.

You can also add a bookmark, view bookmarks or go to settings.

In the settings you can work with the font, brightness and other nuances of the display.

Plus Laputa is not only in beauty. Books can be loaded directly from the application. Even in the pre-installed libraries you will find thousands of books in Russian, but you can add your own catalogs. I, for example, added zone4iphone.ru/catalog.php.

After finding the book - just tap on it, read the brief description and click "Download". After a couple of seconds on the shelf will be a new reading!

But you can add a book in the traditional way - just put the file on the memory card, and then from the leftmost menu of “My Library” import the book by simply pressing “Menu” and selecting the file.

For several days of use, I removed from my smart all the other candidates for the role of the permanent reading room, Laputa is comfortable and beautiful.

The application is free, but with advertising. As in the case of Evil Birds, I did not find advertising. The paid version costs $ 2.99. Differences - no ads and added several catalogs with English-language books. Not critical, I think.

You can download the reader on the market.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106511/

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