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Ruby community meeting with James Golik, Moscow, October 25

As many know, famous Ruby expert James Golick arrives in Moscow to attend the Highload ++ conference at the invitation of Oversun. The purpose of the visit is a report “Scaling up to thousands and millions of queries: what works and what does not,” which James will present at the conference on Monday, October 25th. Participation in Highload ++ is paid and not all interested Ruby will be able to attend this event. Therefore, Oversan together with Railslub decided to organize another special meeting with James and invite everyone to it without any restrictions.

The meeting will be held in an informal setting, we think that it will be interesting not only to the members of the Ruby community, but also to all web developers and administrators. We will meet on October 25th, after the official part of the first day of HighLoad ++, at 6:00 pm in Infospace . James’s lecture, questions and discussions will take a couple of hours, according to our calculations, and then we will move to the bar and continue communication. ;)

James will talk about his global view of Ruby, share the current trends in the world of this technology. After his report, a question-and-answer session will be held, at which it will be possible to ask a question not only to James Golik, but also well-known representatives of the Russian Ruby community. Maxim Lapshin will come to us, who, by the way, will also give a talk on developing high-load web applications in Ruby on HighLoad ++, you can chat with Oversana’s Ruby team, which is working on the Skalaksi cloud management system and many others.

For those who will not be able to attend the meeting, we will organize a video broadcast, so if you want to ask a question to James or the Russian-speaking Ruby community - just write it in the comments to this post, or on Twitter with the #askgolick tag, we will definitely set it up at the meeting after the report and you will hear the answer, even if you can not attend the meeting.
UPD : Please register if you want to come to the lecture. We have a lot of space and we all fit, but we want to estimate the number of participants in order to choose a suitable room for size.

We are waiting for you at the meeting! And from those who do not get - we are waiting for questions in the comments and Twitter. :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106509/

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