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Conference on free software in St. Petersburg

Will any of the respected habrovans tell you who you should especially listen to at the upcoming free software conference in St. Petersburg? As always, time is running out, and it’s necessary to decide quickly, it will start on October 26th.

While it seems to me more interesting are business reports of the type of finance automation in Petroelectrosale, or in general the unexpected - OSS in some publishing house, it was somehow thought that the publishing systems would be the last to surrender. And the report on legal conflicts with open source software in Russia is always helpful to hear what is happening.

But there will be a lot of speakers from the academic environment, including from Kurchatov, Landau, MSU-SPbU, speeches about the use of open source vocational education in schools - maybe someone learned from these people will tell which of them is more intelligible?
The program can be downloaded on the conference website.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/106495/

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