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Microsoft announces Office 365 - a new generation of cloud office suite for business

Yesterday at a special event, Microsoft announced a new generation of its cloud-based office suite for business. Previously, this package was called Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS).

BPOS is a rather old Microsoft service. Its services are already used by the largest companies in the world. At the presentation there was this slide:

In addition, many government agencies, such as Minnesota, USA, use BPOS completely migrating to BPOS, California also uses BPOS as the basis for a mail solution.

Microsoft is offering a free version of BPOS for education called Live @ edu, dozens of universities around the world have already taken advantage of this offer.

For the new version of the product, another name was chosen - Office 365 .


Office 365 is a collection of the following components:All services have high security, high availability 99.9%, passed audits and received several safety certificates.

All services are tightly integrated with each other and with Office desktop applications.

There are two variants of the package: Office 365 for Small Business and Office 365 for Enterprise. Live @ edu is now part of a package called Office 365 for Education. Below is the offer of information from the presentation:


The pricing of a new generation of cloud services is very flexible: a small business (up to 25 employees) will receive a complete set for $ 6 per person per month. Corporate solutions are available from $ 2 (just mail) to $ 24 (with a desktop office suite).

Office 365 service will be available in 40 countries in 2011, preliminary beta testing will be held in 13 countries for several thousand organizations.

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