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Progress Success v1.1 released

A simple and convenient “Pinarik” that allows you to achieve your goals, for phones with the Android platform.


What is a Pinarik?

Suppose you have a goal - "to learn English." And as a way to study, you have chosen to read several pages of your favorite book in a foreign language daily. However, you do not always succeed. Either there is no time, or desire, or something else. In order to stimulate yourself somehow, it is necessary to visualize the results of the learning process.
The simplest solution is the table, where in the first column is the name of the task, and in the top line of the date. At the appropriate intersection it is necessary to set “done” / “not done”, and to do this in different colors, visually separating the good from the bad. In the future we will see what the process is.

You can read more about this in the article “ Method of one day ”.

How it works

Using the application, we create a task: “read 3 pages in English”. Then, at the end of each day, we put the mark “done” / “not done”. If the task was not worth performing, you can not put anything. Thus you report to yourself on the work done for the day. Going into the statistics section, you can see how your task execution process looks like in a graph, where there are days on one axis, and on the other, the sum of tasks accomplished. At the same time, if the task is completed, then “+1“, if not - “−1”.




The program is constantly updated and supplemented.

Over time, new features will be added:

And much more.

Twitter: Progress Success - all changes related to the application are described here.

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Update. By the way, GTUG Moscow holds three hackathons on the occasion of GDD 2010 - details here .

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