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You're not a fool, you're just special

Ivan Ivanovich went out. Some people closed the door behind him.
- Who is it? - thought Ivanovich. Before him lay a bum.
With his bloody hands, Ivan counted 500 stab wounds to the taxi driver.
- Yes, but before I was a quiet person. - He thought again.
- Court, colony, 15 years? Oh, walk - so walk.

In his dead hands they found a bundle of suicide notes, which he distributed to his victims.
Further, Ivanovich acted without hands , which had been cut off by some dude who was returning from a ken-do workout. He was never found later, and Ivanovich had his sword fitted to the right shoe.

At trial, he tried to mow under a psycho, but he was told: " You are not a fool, you are just special ," and were placed in a colony of a not very strict regime, but an extremely developed mess.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10649/

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