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Chrome 7.0.517.41 (stable)

In July, the developers announced that they were going to release a stable version approximately every 6 weeks. It has passed all ten, but today, nevertheless, a stable Chrome branch has been updated. As usual major version. As usual, this does not mean major changes to which users are accustomed. However, the list is all that.


The news will delight Mac users. Declared full support for AppleScript. What does it mean? Yes, at least, full support for OS X Services.

And, of course, the ability to script actions for fans. An example .

HTML5 Parsing

Implemented HTML5-parsing algorithm , designed to solve the developer’s headaches, at least partially. Before creating the HTML5 parsing algorithm, each browser itself decided how to parse the wrong HTML. Naturally, this led to misunderstandings and incorrect display. More precisely, it would be correct to say that the display is not the same, because the correct display of the wrong code did not exist ... before this algorithm. And now browsers that implement the parsing using this algorithm (for example, Firefox 4) will display the page in the same way, regardless of whether the markup is on or not.

Another advantage of this algorithm is the ability to embed MathML and SVG directly into HTML.


Interfaces for working with files will allow web applications to do what you have always dreamed of. For example, when the user has just selected a picture to upload, pre-read it in advance and show a smaller copy of the image. Instantly and before the download. Learn more about FileAPI. It is worth noting that FileAPI is still in Editor Draft status.

Directory upload

The name speaks for itself. No one is fun to upload pictures on Flickr / Picasa / Yandex. Photos by choosing one after another. Would dump in a directory yes loaded everything from there. Dreams? Now the reality.
<input type="file" webkitdirectory />


Selects all files in a directory and nested subdirectories.

Cookie exceptions

For a snack, there was an opportunity in the settings to set the sites-exceptions that would not be allowed to put any cookies. It is very useful to protect yourself from particularly annoying spy services.

Benchmarks & Tests

html5test.com - 231/300
Acid3 is a half-forgotten test that Chrom7 fails on a display that does not match the reference picture when the result is 100/100. UPD: It turned out that my error was. Acid3 prevented pass add-on blocker. Without it, everything is much better .


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