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I'm going to Peter (general reflections on a private topic)

I have so often and long since wandered between Moscow and St. Petersburg on my personal business that for me these trips have become the second and surest habit. Long time ago, I didn’t go to St. Petersburg for public affairs, but I’m going to have it soon: on October 29-31, we will be hosting Startup Weekend in Bonch.

Such a change of attitude towards Peter — from personal to worker — pushed me once again to think about the essence of what we actually do.

In the second half of October, Peter expects a whole series of start-up events - I read a lot of posts about start-up events, I read a lot of comments ... Some people say that all this is not necessary for anyone (in the sense, personally), some compare the atmosphere's goodwill and quality carrying out (for certain, according to the experience of their traditional participation in each of them), others simply put their stigma “li / not li” (almost as in reviews of the performances they visit for the sake of interest).
I will not say for others - I can only say for myself: how many people understand that the Startup Weekend that we organize is not an entertainment event?

How many people understand that this is really a real chance to get real two-and-a-half-daytime assistance from real experts to develop your project? How many people understand that this real help is a real chance to work in the right direction on your project and get real offers from real investors as a result?

Many do not understand? Still consider this layout? Or just a reason for another city party?

Then why do not only St. Petersburg experts come to us , but representatives of Moscow companies , such as Yandex, SUP, Rambler-Poster, for example, are removed from their common places and go to St. Petersburg to work with the projects presented at Startup Weekend? They can hang out with us (and without us :) and in Moscow.

Then why companies such as Yandex, HeadHunter, Muz-TV give us official assignments to search for new projects ? Because we are really looking for ideas for new projects for their real investment and we are trying to work with candidates on our events such as Startup Weekend.

I repeat: if you have an idea, or even better, a prototype of a new project that you really want and can discuss with people who actually understand who, why, and with what modifications and rework it may be needed - I personally invite you on Startup Weekend. If it seems to you that you have not received a real opinion about your project and real advice on what to do with the project, you can approach me directly. However, please note - I give only honest answers and advice.

In addition to all this, I know another historical fact: many people who are seriously working on something of their own, simply do not read Habr, Roy and much else. Yes, yes, do not be surprised. After the summer Moscow Startup Weekend, the first seed investment was received by a guy who cheated and did not read about this event, but who was advised to go by a friend who regularly read the news.

Therefore, one more request: if you have acquaintances who sit at the computer at night and sit quietly and sculpt their suffering, tell them that they have a real chance to make their dream job out of a kitchen hobby.

Registration for Startup Weekend in St. Petersburg is here .

Arkady Moreynis

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