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JQuery 1.4.3 released

On October 16, a new version of jQuery - 1.4.3 was released.

Performance improvements

After rewriting the css module, the animation in the tests accelerated to 20%. Many of the DOM tree traversal operations in browsers that support querySelectorAll or matchesSelector .


The data module has been expanded and deepened, data attributes from HTML5 and the new changeData event are now supported.

The readyWait property appeared in the Ajax module, which allows you to delay the ready event until the specified time.

Now you can write .bind("click", false) and .unbind("click", false) . The first is equivalent to .bind("click", function () { return false; }) .

Built-in functions for handling events, such as .click , can now take two arguments of this type:
 .click (data, fn)


All animation methods ( .show , .hide ) now have a form with three arguments - time, easing and callback.


Two functions have been added: jQuery.type and jQuery.isWindow .

And now jQuery runs through Douglas Crockford's infamous JSLint. This energy would be yes for peaceful purposes ...

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