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What will happen to Microsoft after the departure of Ray Ozzie

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie leaves the company. A letter about this sent staff Steve Ballmer.

According to Ballmer, the role of Chief Software Architect was unique and it would be difficult for her to find a new candidate. Before Ray Ozzy, only Bill Gates held this position.

According to experts, Ozzy’s care is a problem for Microsoft for two reasons. First, this is another indicator of “brain drain”. Most recently, the company was left by top executives who lead the divisions of the Business Division and the Entertainment & Devices Division, not to mention the bulk of the layoffs of employees of lower rank.

Secondly, Ray Ozzy was a leading programmer for Microsoft cloud services and for some other modern projects in which the largest IT company still lags behind Google and Apple. In October 2009, he announced the creation of FUSE Labs - a special division of Microsoft, which focuses on the development of modern software with social functionality, support for the most advanced network technologies and rich media. In general, this is a convulsive attempt to pull Microsoft out of the past into the modern world with one jerk.
Just recently, one of the FUSE Labs products was launched: the online document publishing service Docs.com is an analogue of Scribd, but integrated into Facebook. Social network users can share and view in a browser Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files with full-text search. Previously, Microsoft has never done projects of this kind, and even so that they were immediately integrated into some third-party service.

There is a suspicion that now the ability to innovate at Microsoft will decrease. In the aforementioned letter, Steve Ballmer says that “cloud services are now integrated into all aspects of our business” [the cloud now]. In other words, Ballmer does not consider this direction as the beginning of a certain path, on which much remains to be done. And Ray Ozzie probably thought so.

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