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Can IT save Russia?

We all know that the troubles in Russia are more than two. Not only fools and roads. But many, many corruption, bad, worthless officials. Militiamen, which is not a word in any way at all like militiamen. And stuff like that.

While ordinary people are working, they are building something, they are programming, drawing, testing, the army of troglodytes-officials quietly does the dark things. Take bribes, make illegal decisions. Imprisoned by request. Select someone's property.

Many words are said on the topic that they would not take bribes if they were not given. Yes. But, as they say, this is our situation. What you do not want, but give a bribe. What would a pregnant wife put in a good ward and provide proper care. Whatever the son, who defended himself, nailed the gopar attacking him with a knife, they did not plant him for many, many years. What would the sick mother prolong the disability once again.
In a word, the system itself is built in such a way that it is possible to exist without bribes only if you have or just a lot of money, so that you can bypass all possible contacts with officials by pushing it to assistants or an intermediary company. Which, again, will decide everything for bribes. Or if there are big connections. I am sure, and among habrarudey there are those who carry with them in the documents on the car a business card of a great uncle from the traffic police or police department.

How could one make a difference?

An example of high-profile events of the last time, when the blogosphere carried out some kind of incident in the public information field shows one important thing. Press on officials (or punish), so that they would stop illegal actions can only be publicized coverage of their actions.

Simplifying. If you put all the officials in glass cabinets, put all the microphones and make mass public access to this glass cage possible, they won't steal. And force others too. By the way, consciously giving a bribe in this case will also be impossible. Punishable act yet.

Unfortunately, to put them in cages and feed them with a stick is simply impossible.

Nevertheless, with the help of IT, it is possible to make the activity of the entire apparatus of officials, as well as cabinet workers in general, of all industries as transparent as possible.

Every person in the workplace does something. Every day he does something. Performs certain and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, monotonous actions. Recently there have been many publications criticizing medical professionals. Let's try to imagine how to make their activities transparent.

Every medical worker has responsibilities, including those in the employment contract. That is, a clear definition of what he should do during working hours.

Suppose the patient enters the emergency room. It is registered, instantly a card is created on the server. All subsequent analyzes, X-rays and other studies are recorded on this card. With the obligatory indication of who and when of the health workers conducted these actions. In the same way, manipulations with the patient are recorded in the card. For example, an emergency pill against pressure at night. Supplied dropper. The results of the morning round. The dynamics of the patient. With the obligatory indication who and when did something with this patient. And this information enters the open database of the hospital, to which certain random individuals have access. If something happens it is easy to find the guilty - everything is fixed. And the feeling that every step you take is fixed, will make the staff attentive to the work.

You can argue that this is a violation of private life and in general you don’t really want to know that some person may know that I have been given an enema today. Partially, you are right. However, imagine what the matter is to a randomly selected person to Ivan Kropotkin from Kyshtym, who was given an enema? Will he carefully examine your data? Most likely no.

The same can be represented in relation to the favorite traffic cops.
If the crew of traffic police stops your vehicle, information about this, as well as about the circumstances in which you were stopped, is instantly recorded. It is recorded and sent to the online reason for the stop, a copy of the protocol, the results of the "tube". Would the cops then have a pressure lever on the drivers? Hardly.

Rise to a higher level. Reception of the governor or the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs. In these institutions and so kept logs incoming and outgoing correspondence, orders, orders. If it is only made publicly available, the level of control over the activities of the gentlemen general governors will increase significantly. If the decrees of the President are always public and compulsorily published in newspapers, why can't the orders of the head of the local cash settlement center be public?

If they are servants of the people, why don't the people know what they are doing?

Shortly speaking. My thought is simple. Given the prevalence of the Internet and the opportunities that provide IT, it is technically realistic to ensure that all the activities of all country officials at the public level are reflected in real time.

Imagine that you can go to the site, say, the governor of St. Petersburg and see what Matvienko did today? Who were the meetings, what was discussed, what decisions were made, who was the performer? What are the results for past assignments? What happened to the treatment you left a month ago?

On the website of the court.

To the traffic police website.

On the site of the university.

To the site of Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

Full transparency ...

The main thing is technically possible. It is possible to implement ...

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