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Father PayPal launches Voice Pay

Nick Ogden (Nick Ogden), the creator of the world's first electronic payment system World Pay , which later became the prototype for PayPal, announced the launch of a new system of the same purpose called Voice Pay . Its feature is to use their voice to authenticate users.

Despite the still dubious accuracy of human recognition by various biometric parameters, the authors of Voice Pay are ready to guarantee the perfect work of their offspring, promising to compensate for any direct losses resulting from incorrect operation of the system. The system takes into account 117 different voice parameters. In addition to the actual work with passwords, it also allows you to manage almost the entire process of financial operations by voice commands.

The success of the project Ogden sees in the ever-increasing mobility of the modern business world: many of the most important operations are performed today with the help of computers possessing extremely inconvenient keyboards, and speaking the necessary information on the go is easier than typing it.
Similar mechanisms are being introduced in a number of large banks as an alternative to the traditional authentication scheme. According to some experts, this should provide significant assistance in combating fraud.

via Technology Review

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