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Google confirmed its intention to continue working in China

Google Vice President John Liu recently confirmed the company's intention to continue working in China, which is currently the first in the world in terms of the number of Internet users. Thus, the conflict with the authorities of this country, which flared up at the beginning of this year, can be considered, if not closed, then not as “hot” as before. The conflict, I recall, flared up because of cyber attacks carried out by unknown (presumably Chinese) hackers to Google lawyers' email accounts in China. After that, the problem became wider because of Google’s disagreement to censor the search results of its search engine in China. Now, John Liu described China as "a very important market for Google." Such a statement was made at a technology conference held in Beijing. It was also stated that the corporation "will continue to offer the best products and services for users in China and other markets."

As is known, China has a very high potential in the field of information technologies, in particular, network technologies. So, at present, only two million of 30-40 million small and medium-sized Chinese companies sell their goods via the Internet. It is clear that many companies use the services offered by the corporation, and even more companies are only going to do it. Well, and Google constantly carries out various actions, helping businessmen to develop the business in the Network.
China extended its Google license to work in China in July, and before that the likelihood that corporations would have to leave the Chinese market was very high. Now Google is actively working. True, the license for the right to use cartographic services in China has not yet been extended - and this is a fairly important aspect of the corporation’s activities. Chinese authorities have reported that Google has not even applied for a license renewal yet.

By the way, as a result of the problems mentioned above, the share of Google in the Chinese market fell from 30.9% to 24.2% since June. And this is quite a significant drop. At the same time, the Chinese search engine Baidu is gaining momentum, and its share in the Chinese market has grown from 64% to 70%. It seems that the Chinese prefer to work with domestic products.

In addition, Google representatives announced that from October 27, the corporation will stop working immediately with seven fairly large Chinese marketing companies. The reason is not named yet. But this percentage of the business, which Google refuses, brought the corporation about 40% of all advertising revenue in China. And this is 226 million dollars.

In general, despite the statements of John Liu, things are not so good for Google in China, as one might think.

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