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Two in one: a bug in the top of users + a bug in the layout

I'll tell you in order.

Bug number one:

I went now to the top blogs and looked at the user rating by the number of posts and I see there is strange:
Pay attention to fifofiy in third place with 587 habratopics. "Figasse," I said to myself, and went to look at the profile of this unfamiliar habrauser. If you believe his profile, then he had one comment and that deleted in connection with the ban.
So, apparently banned users are not filtered in the top. Correct please :)

Bug number two:
Here hellish creeps layout. At least under Opera 9.21 and ie6. In the opera there is no horizontal scroll, in ie6 it is added. Documentary evidence of the bug attached . 1273x2645, 421.74 KB.

upd: And the second bug is reported to me :)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/10645/

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