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Evernote has raised $ 20 million

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In Evernote, everything moves very fast. Thanks to our amazing users, partners, employees and investors, we were able to create a sustainable business with independent income and natural growth. In the past two months alone, we registered more than 10,000 new users every day, significant updates were released for most of our software clients, more than a dozen new partners were added, and the income from premium subscriptions is now enough to cover our daily expenses. We did not think that we could move even faster. But here we found the "Turbo" button.

Today we announced raising $ 20 million in the third round of financing organized by the venture fund Sequoia Capital . This means that we now have the resources to significantly expand and improve our service, which would otherwise take years. We will add more features, fix more bugs, provide support for more devices, appear in new countries and make Evernote indispensable for new categories of users (including business and education). We will take these 20 million dollars, add to them more than 9 million remaining from the previous investment round, and invest all this money in the product. And in the Super Bowl ad. And lunch for the office. And a ticket to the International Space Station. However, we can do without the Super Bowl and the ticket to the ISS.
As an adviser and an observer on the board of directors, Roelof Botha of Sequoia will join the Evernote team. Roelof helped build many of the largest Internet companies such as PayPal, YouTube, Eventbrite, Unity, Meebo and Xoom. We are extremely pleased to have just been on the list next to these names. Our current investors, including Morgenthaler Ventures , Troika Dialog and DOCOMO Capital , also participated in the round, and we are grateful for their continued support.

Of course, Roelof and Sequoia know something about how to create platforms , and this is the real reason we are so happy to work with them. From a solution that helps you remember everything, we are going to grow Evernote into a global platform for human memory . Our goal is to become a trusted, permanent, and ubiquitous storage place for all your life memories. We always had such a plan, and now we have the resources to make it a reality. It will be a difficult, long (and surprising) journey in which we rely on you, Evernote users. All this was only possible thanks to your support.


In Evernote, everything moves very fast, and will soon start moving even faster.

Phil libin
CEO Evernote

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