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Inability to access Privat24 without a card

Just over a year ago I transferred almost all the money to deposits and closed the cards. Before that, I managed to connect Privat 24. But since that time the password has been lost. I wanted to restore access so that I could monitor the status of deposits. But here I was confronted with the completely illogical position of PrivatBank - I cannot get access to accounts without a card.

First, 15 minutes to discuss the problem with the operator. Found out that my phone is in the database. I went with him to the Privat24 system, but it is not confirmed!
To confirm the number I need to go to the ATM. Hm I used to remember that the login / password was issued at an ATM - Ok, I will go to the bank.

In the bank, the girl told me that she only knows how to confirm the phone with a card, but she didn’t hear about getting access in any other way.

But I was at the bank. With a passport. With TIN. Why I could not get access, I did not understand. I wanted to get logs on deposits - but there was a queue of 7 people and I did not wait for half an hour and went home to try my luck at the online caliper.
In the online support after 20 minutes of conversation, we found out that I need to open a card - this is the only way I will get access to my accounts:
via ATM you are logged in
only then do we have the right to change the password
for security
Deposit cards told me not suitable. So?
Is my presence in the bank with a phone and a passport not safe? Or for internal security? Protection from not honest employees?
escrow do not fit
You can open the branch
within 30 minutes
credit card
and then log in
That is, I need to open a credit card, log in to an ATM, and then close it. And there are no other ways?

By the way, in one Russian bank, the access procedure took 5 minutes. And there was enough of my presence, passport and statements.

I don’t need Privatbank cards, why I’m not imposing them on them. Why can not I manage my accounts, pay for services without them?

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