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Augmented Reality for car brands

Augmented reality is by far the most fashionable technology, it is the leading edge of the technological development of society.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to combine certain virtual objects generated by a computer with our reality in real time. The term “augmented reality” itself , as is known, appeared in 1990 in the company Boeing. This company has become a pioneer in the development of the helmet-mounted target designation and flight indication system.

For 10 years, augmented reality has evolved from technology with purely practical goals into a digital marketing tool that can bring a brand closer to a consumer at a completely new level.
Major brands have already used or only included augmented reality in their advertising campaigns. The most active market for AR advertising has become automotive . Now almost every self-respecting automotive brand arranges virtual test drives, races or contests using augmented reality to promote a new model.

One of the reasons why augmented reality has become so popular is that it is this technology that makes it possible to bring the brand as close as possible to the potential buyer, create the effect of the presence of the car long before its official appearance in sales centers, and create excitement.

All AR examples for the automotive industry can be divided into the following types:

1. Virtual racing

Perhaps the most popular type.

Volkswagen on the eve of these races marked paper inserts in the form of a steering wheel in automotive magazines. It is this steering wheel that was used to control the virtual car. The automaker gives us, buyers, the opportunity to feel behind the wheel of a brand new car.

2. 3D car model

In this case, the purpose of the manufacturer is to draw the potential buyer’s attention to a certain element of the car: whether it be folding rear seats, an unusual color scheme or a compact size.

Here is another interesting example. BMW calls to share joy with friends through the creation of colorful tracks from the virtual Z4. The slogan of the advertising campaign is “Joy is BMW”.

3. Presentation for the press, at exhibitions and conferences

Augmented reality allows you to create the effect of the real presence of the car during the presentation.

4. Mobile phone applications

Among the latest campaigns as an example are the calendar for the Audi A1, released in Germany, and the AR contest for Russian users.

In order to see A1 on the pages of the AR calendar, you need to download and install the application on your iPhone. When you hover a mobile phone on any page of the calendar, the landscape comes to life - the car itself appears.

In Russia , a competition was created, which, by the way, is still ongoing! The participant is invited to find and photograph the Audi A1 on the streets of Russian cities with a mobile phone. On the car page on Facebook there is a map showing the points where this car may appear. Participates in the competition of 5 Russian cities. Developed by AR Door .

What option of using augmented reality did you like the most?

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