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Home accounting online - on your server

A year and a half ago, I presented a start-up home accounting department online - drebedengi.ru.

Since then, many interesting, "vital" things have happened in the life of the project. About the most interesting of them and I want to tell fans of startups. And indeed all.


So, over the past year and a half:

It also turned out that something that had not been expected before - many small firms are interested in installing “rubbish” on their server for personal use. Moreover, some individuals are also interested. As a result, we recently released a new product to the masses: drebedengi.ru - server . It is clear that the source code in this case is closed.

Payable - good or bad?

I realized one of the main mistakes in the business model, laid down at the very beginning, which nearly led to a serious crisis. You can not enter a one-time payment for the service, which is provided constantly. Need a monthly fee. Any MBA graduate just smiles at this fact, because it is the basics. Well, that's right ... it remains to be comforted by the fact that the elements tested by personal experience grow into the brain much stronger than a bare theory. As a result, alas and oh - I had to cut through the live payment plan, what my repent is hot for, my friends, and bonuses, buns and snacks are distributed to all offended old users.
Generally, speaking of the service payment (or its conditional free of charge), it should be noted that this is one of the main points, thanks to which the project lives and develops. But what is this fundamentally simple fact based on? In our case, gentlemen, this is humanly good, prompt user support . At least on the forum. I was very surprised when I noticed that almost every second user to whom you carefully, humanly explain something, help you - goes and buys a paid account. Therefore, my categorical advice to all providers of any services and organizations - create an operational and good support service, you will not regret.

However, if you think about it, there is nothing surprising here, because each of us wants to be human to himself, instantly feels him and responds accordingly. It is also instantly felt and not a human relationship, as I was also convinced when the annual payment was introduced instead of the lump sum, as mentioned above. Many users turned away from us. And you reassure few people that this moment was clearly prescribed in the user agreement adopted during registration.

I will not describe the new features, finishing touches, alterations - there were a lot of them. To whom not laziness come into a personal account of the Demo user , look. But I note that in spite of the feeling of “logical completion” of the project, the list of tasks in trac-e does not decrease. There are new "Wishlist" from users. And although 80% of popular ideas have to be sifted out, as needed by only 0.1% of the audience and too laborious in implementation, the remaining 20% ​​are really adequate proposals that move the service forward.

At this end, sorry for the "multi-letters." Ready to answer all the questions - write! Here, for beauty, a screenshot of the main page of the service. And if someone wants to improve the design and simplify the interface - see this comment .
Home Accounting - drebedengi.ru

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