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HackDay # 9 in St. Petersburg, October 23-24, 4 days left

The goal of HackDay is to develop prototypes of IT projects over the weekend. Participants will be able to develop their projects in a working atmosphere or fit into another team, listen to interesting master classes (there will also be an online broadcast).

Latest news:
• Mikhail Zavileysky (DataArt CEO), Elnara Petrova and Svetlana Khorosheva (Delovoy Peterburg), Sergey Sek (MLG consulting), Mikhail Kechinov from the studio of the same name, Victor Bocharov and Dmitry Prokashev will be speakers at the event.
• Following the results, three prizes will be awarded: for the most business-promising project (netbook and gaming mouse), the prize of the sympathies of the participating teams and the special prize of the organizers (specified).
• Preliminary composition of the jury: Gleb Kaplun (MegaPlan), Ilya Antipov (Ingria), Mikhail Zavileisky (DataArt), Daria Poymanova (Delum).
• A team of St. Petersburg testers' community will be present at HackDay.
• By tradition - coffee, cookies and funny presenters.

Venue: Triangle Conference Center, Emb. Bypass channel, 138. Metro Baltic or Narva.
Event program
Registration of participants

You can come up with ready-made ideas, for the implementation of which you did not have time. You can build a team directly on Hackday. Finally, you can start participating in one of our open technology workshops and create a new project based on them. HackDay is a place and time to work on real projects in the most creative atmosphere. Come and do something interesting.

We also offer a series of applied master classes:
Mikhail Kechinov. “What is a prototype project? How to develop a prototype to fit in 48 hours? What should I pay attention to and give up? ”.
Evgeny Ovchinnikov. "Operational management of a startup." Organizational, financial, legal issues that at the initial stage have to be solved independently: work with contracts, document flow, work with tax, etc. Prepare questions in advance.
Mikhail Zavileisky. "Signs of good and bad startups"
Elnara Petrova, Svetlana Khorosheva. "Competent work of a startup with the media." Proper PR of your startup media. Work with journalists. How to make to write about you.
Dmitry Prokashev. "Prototype programming in Javascript". Why shouldn't I use class language patterns in JavaScript?
Victor Bocharov. “Morphological text analysis for programmers”
Sergey Sek. “Project agreements. What can be negotiated before creating a legal entity? ”. The main pitfalls that can start up a company.
Vadim Sukhomlinov. “Atom, MeeGo and AppUp”. Will be presented to the development tools for applications Intel Atom (Intel Compiler, Qt), ways to develop applications for MeeGo and integration with the app store Intel AppUp.

At Hack Day # 9, we offer the direction “HackDay - the City”: IT projects that help the development of the city and society. Last Friday, October 15? We held a mini-seminar “Development of the City in the Information Society”, where we tried to bring together programmers and subject specialists on “urban” topics: architects, designers, urbanists, and humanitarians to find out what information technologies can help the development of the city and society, what we can do right now and how dependent we are on government in this area. As a result, several teams were formed to work on interesting ideas. Read the report here.
We also became partners in the urban development program, which allows for the implementation of the most necessary projects at the expense of the city and without bureaucratic delays in two districts of St. Petersburg.
You can still declare your idea on the upgrade of the city and put together a team on HackDay.

We are still supported by Intel, ASUS and DevExperts.

PS Take with you extension cords.

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