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Google and Intel against the greenhouse effect

Intel and Google have joined more than 25 companies to form a Computer Group on Climate Protection, with the goal of creating a large-scale shift in the process of saving energy and reducing greenhouse emissions.

This will be achieved by introducing strict rules for participating companies, since in 2010 they are going to introduce new standards. The main goals are computers and companies involved in their production. The group plans to begin distributing energy-saving computers and their components by sending computers with power management settings enabled, and marking with the Energy Star logo, which will reflect that the computer has energy-saving capabilities.

Studies show that a desktop PC wastes about half of its energy, while the average server, only one-third. By concerted efforts of companies included in KGOK, the effect, if achieved, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 54 million tons per year, which is equivalent to not using 11 million cars, and will save about 5.5 billion US dollars spent on energy.
This is what we should pay attention to and participate in. These companies are taking steps to improve the environment, and individuals can also take part in this. Other companies in this group include Electronic Data Systems Corporation, eBay, IBM, Red Hat, Starbucks, and Sun Microsystems.

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